May 15

Miami Beach

Since we haven’t been on a field trip in three whole years I think we all agree it’s about time to have one. What about snorkeling under, the sparkling waters of Miami Beach. Snorkeling will be exciting and educational.

We could see underwater wildlife. Of course there would be a lot of different types of fish. Research shows that there is 230,000 different types of fish. There is also a lot of plants. Most plants help fish survive by giving them a place to live,hide, or even take shelter for a night. Still people think that fish is the only kid of animal in the ocean, well they’re wrong! For example the sea snake isn’t a fish but yet lives in the ocean.

Not only would it be exciting, but also educational. It’s clear that you would observe a lot of plants and fish. You will also observe how the fish and survives. Most fish live in anime or reefs, but some don’t live anywhere because of the change in seasons. We will learn about plants too! Although we don’t see most of them there is still a lot to be seen.

Snorkeling is a exciting and educational activity to do.
That’s why so many people do it each year, and Miami Beach isn’t all that bad either!

April 8

Rain Rain Go Away!!

Outside rain drizzled
from the cottonball clouds
Inside video games
Were out.

It was rainy
all day every day
that week
on spring break

Even at some point
if it wasn’t raining
it was still
muddy and gloomy

Well i wasnt gonna
let some rain ruin
my spring break
so u know what that ment

Video games would be out
sleep would be over-rated
netflix would be on
starbucks would be slurped.

i hope it rains
every year on spring break
because i had….