December 12

Pearl Harbor Poem

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese and the Germans.

Eight O Clock is the time they were attacked.

Arizona Battleship is one of the battleships that were attacked.

Remembrance Day is the day we remember the day the Japanese attacked.

There was a lot of wounds.


Herbert Charpoit Jones is a hero to this day.

Arizona memorial is the memorial that has the battleship that sunk.

Remembrance Day is December 7,1941.

Bennion Mevyn Sharp is a hero to this day.

On that day we celebrate.

Remembrance Day was started the Japanese and Germans for starting World War 11.


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November 25

Veterans Day!!!

I would like to thank all of the hard working veterans for making our nation free from war and free from all of the mean and evil things that the other people try to throw on us.  We would not be free if it was not for our veterans who died and stayed alive and fought for us that takes a lot of  skill and energy to be able to stand up and say that I am a hero and I am a hero that will fight for you and has fought for you. So next time you see a well known Veteran ask him to tell you his story he/she might not want to tell the story so do not bother him/her. They will probably tell you soon they just have to get it through their head if they want to tell you or not tell you.  Ask them if they had any friends that kept him alive and on his/her feet. Maybe they had a box come to them to keep them alive or maybe they survived the first year and went on the next year.  This is my story on Veterans thank y’all for reading this is Marley!


November 25

Jamestown or Plymouth

Journeys await,

Adding to the colony,

Marking their spot,

Eating food they grew,

Selling and smoking tobacco,

Tobacco trading,

Obtaining food they grew,

Wheat and other crops they grew,

Not moving staying put,


JAMESTOWN!!!- If I were to  Choose between Jamestown and Plymouth I would obviously choose Jamestown because Jamestown came to the place now named Jamestown looking for gold.  They found a kind of gold, they found the golden leaves of tobacco.  The tobacco was not what they were looking for but it gave them good money to trade with the Native Americans.  They kept growing the tobacco to keep trading with the Native Americans. You are probably wondering what did the natives trade.  If they traded enough they would get either some weapons or some crops from their farm.  They didn’t only grow tobacco they also grew wheat and corn for food.  The wheat and corn was their way of getting food.  The Native Americans traded them food if they had some tobacco ready.  They had really no way of curing the sickness of the mosquito.  They carried a sickness that whipped out half of the village the remaining people made it through the sickness, but it was not over yet.  They came in December so it was a bit  chilly, but they had houses to shelter from the cold. They survived the winter so it seems like a nice place afterwards.  So I think  it would be nice to add on to our world at the time.  It also was cooler than Plymouth because they had a cool fort that went around all of their houses. I think it just would have been better to live in Jamestown than Plymouth , and that is just my opinion.   What is yours?

October 25

Henry Hudson

June 1611

Explorer Gazette

Henry Hudson was good at going on adventures,so one day Henry went on a search for the passage to the Indies what happened to Henry Hudson his wife  and seven other crew member  is a mystery today, but this could have happened. Henry Hudson and the others was dumped in a boat and left there with no oars or paddles.  So two men got out and started to swim towards shore.  Every half  hour the men switched turns swimming to shore.  When they got to shore they continued their lives like all the others in the town or city.  If they turned themselves in people might think that they have left the ship themselves and wanted to get off the boat. But the real reason was they got kicked off of the ship.  Nobody really knows what happened to him  it still remains a mystery today.

October 2

Should every kid get a Trophy

I think that kids should only get a  trophy after they have worked for it. Not if they just sit around and do nothing. Like in baseball or gymnastics you have to work for the things that you earn, and if every kid got a trophy the people that worked for one will think that it is worth less because all the other kids have one. When somebody has a trophy they should get exited but when theyhave a lot kof them they start to think that they don’t need their parents. So if every kid got the average amount of trophys everything will be all right .