November 2

Cover letter

Marley S. Cooper
○200 S. White Oak Rd.○ White Oak, Texas 75693 ○ 903-812-2468 ○ [email protected]

October 30, 2017

Freshman Admissions Office
Texas A&M University
400 Bizzell St. College Station, Tx.
College Station, TX 77842-3014

Dear Freshman Admissions Office,

I’m writing this due to my interest in pursuing my education at Texas A&M University. My grandparents as well as sister has been through A&M and have truly loved it and have kept the “Aggie” name in their heart. I was raised an Aggie and ever since I was little and have had the dream of furthering my education at your college. My grandpa has played a big role in my childhood, and he helped me realized that I want to be a dentist. I was reading on the A&M website and saw yall have a dental part of the college, and that made me even more determined to get into Texas A&M.

During my four years of highschool I’ve been involved in many sports and extracurricular activities like tennis, track, and student council. I’ve maintained a great G.P.A throughout my years and have strained to be the best I could be to be considered a “star student.”

As you can tell, I would really enjoy to go to Texas A&M and carry on the Aggie name in the family. I would love to set up a date to tour the college in person. If you may need to contact me for any reason feel free to call or email the numbers above. I will also include contact information on my resume. I will call you within the next few weeks to schedule a date to tour the campus. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.


Marley cooper

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